The Benefits of Yoga

There are dozens of modern researches that support the multiple benefits of systematic yoga practice, both in body and in mental and emotional health. It is a holistic workout method that with proper guidance can strengthen the body, improve flexibility, increase concentration, boost confidence and at the same time reduce stress and physical stress and provide pain relief. In conclusion, this is a workout method that can improve your quality of life.
The exercises included are simple and can be adapted to the abilities and requirements of each trainee, giving everyone exactly what they need.

Workplace yoga

Workplace yoga is becoming increasingly popular. In fact, many companies recognize its value and enable their employees to attend yoga classes as part of corporate wellness programs. In this way employers help their employees combat work stress and help boost their efficiency. The companies that provide corporate wellness programs are PepsiCo, General Electric, AT&T, HBO and Chase Manhattan Bank, as well as dozens of Fortune 500 companies such as Nike, Apple, Harpo, Motorola, Google, Forbes and General Motors.

Investing in your human resources.

A few minutes of physical activity and relaxation during work helps to create a friendly environment in which the worker is rejuvenated and feels more relaxed and creative, thereby boosting their morale and efficiency. At the same time, the small “escape” from constant tension and mental fatigue improves employee behavior towards customers, reduces the likelihood of errors, and cultivates a spirit of teamwork and sympathy.

At an even more practical level, companies offering their employees yoga programs have reduced spending on their health insurance, while employees are absenteeism due to sick leave is diminished. Finally, affiliate yoga programs are a simple but effective way to attract high-quality workforce, as well as an incentive for current employees to be alert on the job, as finding and training new employees can cost a business time and money. Therefore, yoga is a great way to have happy and productive employees, but also to increase your company’s profits!

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga has a positive effect on psychology and behavior, promoting good cooperation and team spirit. It improves concentration, mental alertness, decision-making abilities, as well as multitasking ability. It can contribute to more effective stress control and better management of stressful or demanding situations.

Yoga relieves head, neck, waist and back pain, helps tendon sufferers, helps regulate high blood pressure and reduces the chance of injury at work (

(e.g. due to repeated strain, lifting or moving objects, long standing or sitting posture). For example, a study of adults with chronic back pain showed that those who attended a three-month yoga course had better lumbar function compared to those who received routine medical care.

Make your company a pioneer in providing job benefits. Yoga courses at your company provide you with the five key parameters of an ideal work environment: Reliability of administration. Respect for employees. A sense of justice in the company. Employees’ pride. Developed companionship. Make your company a pioneer in providing job benefits by implementing yoga programs that improve the balance of work and personal life.

Yoga for everyone!

Yoga classes are suitable for all levels of fitness and can be adapted to the needs of your employees and the particular conditions of a work environment. They can be carried out 1 to 5 times a week in any relatively quiet area on your premises and include detailed guidance on performing exercises, paying particular attention to routine occupational conditions. Each lesson can take 30, 45 or 60 minutes, making it easy to do at lunch break or just before the end or the start of the class.


 Workplace yoga classes are an innovative and low-cost solution for businesses that want to boost the morale, confidence and efficiency of their employees. The performance of a company is inextricably linked to the satisfaction of its employees. A healthy, happy and satisfied worker is more loyal and more productive.