Hatha Yoga – Alignment

Hatha yoga is a series of postures (asanas), whose main purpose, physically, is skeleton alignment, flexibility and concentration. In Hatha yoga we will all be in front of images of postures, or videos, that make us wonder if and how much we could ever achieve them. Many of them seem extremely complicated and sometimes pointless. One very important thing to keep in mind for all those practicing Hatha yoga is the alignment we first mentioned. Our body has a specific structure that we are called to re-learn as we exercise.

Every position, however complex it may seem, hides behind it a great alignment and positioning of the skeleton that is capable of bringing our body back to its original structure and reasserting its functions. It is essential, then, for all the students practicing the positions of the Hatha yoga to stop approaching them externally, simply giving them an empty shape, and to start giving them the substance for which they are created. Hatha yoga gives us essential tools to remember and rebuild our skeletal and muscular systems.

Under the big umbrella of Hatha yoga we come across many different kinds of yoga. It would be useless to practice them, if we have not first found the in depth and substance of the basic principles of each position. Whether we stay for five breaths, as we do in Ashtanga Vinyasa, or spend a moment in a flow practice, it is important to “enter” them safely and securely. Only then will we be able to slowly absorb all the benefits of our practice and, above all, keep our bodies strong and able to respond to potentially more demanding positions, if and when we so desire.


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