Hatha Vinyasa Flow

Beauty, harmony and grace are natural features of the human race, as is life in general. Man has always used his body to perform many different movements, thus serving his daily needs.

This natural flow has unfortunately been reduced, with today’s modern life pushing our bodies into more standardized movements and attitudes. The word Vinyasa determines the smooth transition from one position to another, in perfect harmony with breathing. A characteristic of the trainees at Hatha Vinyasa flow is that, while the positions may seem easy, it is impossible to carry out a whole practice without an intermediate rest (balasana), which is the absence of breath.

To be more accurate, balasana is the absence of the combination of breath-motion. In the practice of the Hatha Vinyasa flow, we learn in practice to move together without breath, thus giving movement simplicity and physicality without straining and pushing our body too much. The emphasis on breathing is also the main feature that separates the practice of Hatha yoga from other types of physical activity. Breathing is the driving force; it is the driver who will determine the direction and duration of each movement. Finally, as we move in absolute flow, we guide our body into an aerobic condition with the greatest benefit of strengthening the cardiorespiratory system.


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