Gentle Morning Yoga

Practicing Yoga is one of the most important tools available to man to keep his body and mind in perfect health. It is a practical exercise that for thousands of years the human species has found immense benefits in every aspect of its existence. It is a gift that India has given to all mankind. Every person, wherever he comes from, whatever his age and fitness, can exercise and benefit to the maximum from Yoga. Many people complain that lack of time is a major obstacle to practicing Yoga.

But this is nothing more than a hustle and bustle of the mind, which always finds a way to justify one’s tendency toward sloth, inaction and contraction. What one needs to realize is that the first thing to fight is one’s mind. Once the mind is quiet, all the rest find their way to evolve. In the book of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, it is stated that the three obstacles to human evolution are, first, a noble body, secondly doubt and thirdly slothfulness. No one ever mentions the lack of time or space!

The morning awakening and the thoughts that will form as the day begins are capable of defining it. If during the day we have to deal with procrastination and laziness of mind, the morning time is one of the most difficult times, as our entire system has entered from a previous night into a sluggish and closed state to be able to rest and relax. regain his energy for the next day. Yoga morning exercise is an ideal start as it helps to move from this state of sleep to a more active and active one. This means, to balance the two much needed energies within us, Yin and Yang, which while in harmony are the key to a balanced and happy life, when one overrides the other, everything around and within us shakes and gradually collapses.

In gentle morning yoga, we will move gently, taking into account the energies that move within us, respecting the physical defense of the mind and body, and with courtesy and patience, we will make ourselves ready to handle all the calls that will arise during the rest of the day.


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