Kundalini Yoga

Kundalini Yoga is an experience above all. Everything else is just literary analysis. If we could limit it in words, however, it is the manual of human existence. Through the wealth of innumerable techniques, one acquires the experience of a higher state of consciousness. While through the wealth of knowledge it offers, it comes to an understanding of human existence and its purpose. Yogi Bahjan transmitted this teaching in the West in order to prepare the ground for the changes and challenges that the Aquarius era brings. During this period all ancient traditions have been mentioned, with 2012 being the milestone of its establishment.

Many people on planet Earth are currently experiencing major internal and external changes, as they are a period of purification and healing. Information is liberated and the truth can no longer be hidden. Humanity is going through a historic period of changes and upgrades in its consciousness. But in order to understand what is happening and what their role is, there must be transformational changes in the perception of each person. The upheaval most of us are experiencing right now is a natural consequence of the disharmony between our inner world and the world around us. We are still living in the old while the new is here!
No, the world does not collapse, it just changes!

Kundalini Yoga is a path of self-knowledge, a practical philosophy to prepare us to accept these changes, with understanding and grace.
Get to know the immense wealth found in this ancient technique. Discover the power of vibrating mantras and how they can instantly change your psyche. Find breathing techniques for self-healing, stimulation, relaxation, and great exercise sets for every aspect of our existence. Every Kundalini Yoga lesson is structured to meet every need a modern person may have. Practice reveals who you really are, what you could be and how to find the map to get there. Kundalini Yoga is the science of consciousness, bringing health, happiness and spirituality to us.  

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