Kids Yoga

Yoga is also beneficial for children as it is an excellent method of learning, training and relaxing. In fact, scientific evidence backs up this claim. We are well aware that children today have many obligations and are living under stress, having little time to live their childhood. This creates tension in their bodies and souls, which is reflected, among other things, in their breathing. Yoga teaches children to breathe properly again, thus calming their nervous system.

It is a fact that children find it difficult to concentrate for a long time. However, through exercises and breathing, they learn to direct their attention from external stimuli to what the teacher indicates (e.g. in their heartbeat, in a fairy tale, etc.). So, they are almost unconsciously learning to concentrate. Yoga is not competitive; it does not put the child in a process of comparison with other children. Each one does what he or she can, without being forced to go further or surpass another,

Through yoga ,a child builds his self-esteem and respect for himself and others. They work out their spine, stimulate the thoracic muscles, balance the function of the glands, stimulate the nervous system, gain flexibility, reduce the risk of accidents and exercise balance, strength, endurance and coordination.

How is yoga taught to children?
Yoga for children is different from adult yoga. It should be fun in order to keep them interested, but also energetic so that in the end they can sit quietly for relaxation and meditation. So, while they learn the same things as adults do, they do so in a way tailored to their particular needs. For example, its duration does not exceed 45-55 minutes and during this time young pupils learn animal-named stands (dog, cat, pigeon), play games and listen to fairy tales. At the same time, children do breathing exercises.

Through yoga, children receive a holistic education, where the mind is connected to the body and the heart, which includes, besides exercise and breathing, contact with the higher values ​​of life (e.g. truth, non-violence etc.), and they learn to relax and discover themselves.
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