Prenatal yoga

Yoga for Pregnant Women
Pregnancy is a beautiful, special and demanding period in a woman’s life, a milestone. It is therefore important for the pregnant woman to be able to take care of herself and the life that is growing inside her, and to accept and manage the changes that occur at the physical, emotional and mental levels. All of the above can be achieved through specially designed yoga programs.

The scientific interest of the impact of yoga on pregnancy is increasing. According to a British study, pregnant women practicing yoga are less likely to develop anxiety and depression, while other research supports its therapeutic effect even in high risk pregnancies, as it reduces the complications associated with hypertension.
Diet, exercise, breathing and the philosophy of yoga can become part of the life of any woman who is thinking of having children or who is already in the most creative and demanding months of her life. Pre-conception yoga, pregnancy yoga and post-partum yoga will help you get to know yourself and your body better, experience this unique experience completely and comfortably, transfer positive energy to the fetus and adapt better to the changes that occur during pregnancy.
Ideal lessons for pregnancy are therapeutic yoga and gentle flow. See the syllabus


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