Yoga & acupuncture for the soul

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Our time is stressful, modern life has become hectic, the responsibilities are plenty, the cities are inhospitable. Therefore, it’s not strange that our mental health is in danger and all kinds of mental illnesses are increasing more and more in such a fertile ground. Moreover, if we are a little bit more vulnerable than other people because of our temperament, then anxiety will become our permanent companion.

It has been estimated that approximately 1 out of 5 people will experience clinical depression at least once during their life. Although it is normal to feel sad occasionally, especially after a loss, this kind of circumstances is usually manageable. Nevertheless, clinical depression is referred to a long-term and intense, emotional, physical and mental state which affects human’s everyday life to a great extent. The symptoms include -among others- lack of interest for activities considered enjoyable, negative thoughts, irritability, exhaustion and changes in sleep habits.

So modern people who want to manage their problems like those mentioned above, they try to discover ways in order to restore their lost balance. A lot of times these ways are found in the past and ancient practices which have been survived until today like yoga and acupuncture. Much has been written by scientists about the beneficial contribution that these practices have on the treatment or control of mental illnesses of our days like anxiety and depression.

Yoga, for example, as a practice which combines postures, breathing exercises, meditation and relaxation is considered ideal for stress relief while it reduces symptoms like high levels of blood pressure or increased heart rate. Furthermore, according to a recent study published in the scientific journal “Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine”, people who were suffering from depression and took part in yoga lessons and breathing techniques at least twice a week, and by supplementing an extra yoga session at home, they realized an essential decrease of their symptoms.

Also, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine, depression is connected to blocked “energy” flow around our body. Literature review of the journal “CNS Neuroscience and Therapeutics” concludes that acupuncture can be compared to cognitive – behavioral therapy which psychologists often apply to help their patients with stress management.

Anxiety and depression remain two of the most common mental disorders all over the world. However, as the research is ongoing, acupuncture and other forms of holistic therapies are starting to prove effective interventions which can help to deal with such situations.