Social responsibility

Beyond home, as a genuine spiritual space that works with people who love human beings, wants to be able to help so that those who are not financially able but need to be able to heal. In collaboration with the relevant stakeholders in the region, we support vulnerable social groups who need therapeutic assistance, but are unable to afford it. To this end, we have created a common piggy bank, to which we contribute 10% of our workshops, and any friend who comes to our home can contribute in any way they wish.

Every time we raise a certain amount, someone who needs it will be able to attend a healing cycle. In the framework of social responsibility, we have also created beyond seminars which are free of charge for everyone. Everyone should have access to self-knowledge and spirituality, and this is possible through our venue.

Finally, we have created the ‘beyond gifts program’, a conscious act of giving to our society. Every patient, every student, every teacher and therapist can leave some money for this cause. This will help raise money that we offer to people from vulnerable groups in our society to cover their treatments Our home, the Beyond home, is an open embrace that wants to fit everyone and everything that happens in our lives today… We love people, we aim for healing. Beyond home, means beyond borders….