Beyond Seminars

One of the most important parts of our spatial identity is the love for knowledge, development, exchange of ideas and ideas. Behind every treatment, every lesson, every asana and every piece of advice we have, there is a story. For us, this story, this information, and this knowledge, must be shared and discussed. Every Thursday night the Beyond family brings hot tea, good company, discussion and exchange of knowledge, views and ideas.
Beyond seminars are an offering of our space to anyone who wants to learn about the philosophy of yoga and to deepen self-knowledge and spirituality through the perspectives of various philosophies around the world. There is one Truth, only each time it is given a different way, as it is influenced by the place and time in which it develops.
Beyond seminars will discuss every aspect of the yoga system and in particular Surat Sabdh Yoga. The ethical principles of everyday life that bring us closer to self-knowledge and theology, the law of karma, the science of spirituality, and the various teachings of the spiritual teacher of the founder of Beyond home, Sant Rajinder Singh, are just some of the issues that we will touch on in these seminars. We will also learn how holistic healing can help solve our problems. Quite often, they will also be with us – therapists’ representatives of each treatment, who will assist us in various matters.
Finally, meditation seminars, as well as vegetarian nutrition seminars, will definitely not be missing from our program!
Beyond seminars are not just seminars in the strict sense. Beyond learning, our goal through them is entertainment, relaxation and communication. As we study the various aspects of the truth, we seek to find different ways to come closer and closer to truth itself.


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