My Program

At Beyond home, with a holistic view of things, we created My Program. It is a personalized treatment plan, based on an understanding of each person’s individuality and tailored to each person’s needs and abilities. In the first session we make a holistic diagnosis and propose a cycle of treatments, which is suggested to take place at a specific time. The treatment plan may include sessions of the same treatment or a combination of different therapies and /or seminars.

Throughout the treatments we are on your side and watching your progress. My program has very good results in physical pain (such as back pain and neck pain) as well as psychological issues (such as depression, anxiety management and panic attacks). It has also been shown to be particularly effective in cases such as weight loss and smoking cessation. Our tools for my program beyond home are acupuncture, aromatherapy, reflexology, sound massage, shamanic therapy, reiki, energy therapy, massage, yoga and seminars or special workshops.
When you sign up in my program automatically, all treatments are done with special rates and arrangements.