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Interview with the founder of Beyondhome, Marika Daskalaki

Marika Daskalaki is a therapist, a specialist in traditional Chinese medicine, a traditional yoga teacher and the founder of Beyond home!

From individuality to collectivity for a good cause!

1Q: A personal story pushed you to become a therapist, to help many people and to create for this purpose an organized space in the heart of Ilioupoli. Want to share some details with us?

As a child I was very active, both in school and sports activities, but also in my personal life. At the age of 13, a deep pain in my back got me stuck in bed and took me away from most of my activities. In the following years of my life, having somehow “married” this pain in my spine, I focused on my studies and my career. At one point, in one of the periods when the pain was in full swing and the medications and painkiller injections were given to me, acupuncture was recommended as a way of treatment. So I started acupuncture, herbs and yoga as a form of exercise. Within a year my life had changed. The pain disappeared forever and thanks to yoga I was active again. So, seeing the beneficial effect that these two arts had on my life, I began to study them with the deep desire to offer the world the same relief and change that I experienced and continue to experience myself.


2Q: At Beyond home people can try different types of yoga. What criteria do you use to select them? Is yoga really for everyone?


Yoga is a form of exercise that can be adapted to each one of us. So yes, yoga is really for everyone! At Beyond home we have chosen to offer a wide range of courses, tailored to the physical needs and abilities of each group, but also to what each student demands from a yoga class, regardless of their physical abilities. Thus, we have courses for beginners and advanced practiotioners, therapeutic courses for the treatment of musculoskeletal pain, but also courses that offer relief from stress and mental – physical relaxation. For students who want to go one step deeper into the philosophy of yoga, we have special courses and seminars on meditation, breathing and spirituality. Finally, at Beyond home we make sure to get in touch with each student individually to learn his background and himself better, so that during the lesson we can purposefully and individually help him in exactly what he needs.


3Q: It has been said in many cases that yoga is not only physical exercise but also therapy. Is that true?

At Beyond home everything is a cure! Yoga is a holistic philosophical system, which aims to heal a person on all three levels: physical, mental and spiritual. Thus, through the various techniques it includes, it manages to cure any of our disharmonies, without even us practitioners realizing it. The change, however, becomes so noticeable after the regular practice of yoga techniques that you can only just perceive it. That is why here at Beyond home we take care to teach all aspects of yoga, so that our students, depending on their needs, can heal both what they have perceived and what they do not know consciously.


4Q: You have created a personalized treatment program, MyProgram. How did this come about?


I quickly realized that in order to achieve the most immediate and effective treatment of each person, it is better to combine some treatments and techniques. On the other hand, it was clear that the diagnosis and deep understanding of the patient’s condition by his therapist was vital for the development of a treatment. Thus, the idea of MyProgram emerged. This is an individualized treatment plan with a clear therapeutic direction for each patient and a clear goal in terms of results. The patient is informed about the ways in which he could deal with his respective issues and the combination of treatments which is considered best for his case. He is also informed about the time it will take to see his condition improve. In this way we achieve the most immediate therapeutic results with the least possible financial burden for the patient.


5Q: What does corporate social responsibility mean to you?


An integral part of the philosophy of yoga is the selfless service, which in Sanskrit is known as Seva. This is a corporate social responsibility for me. Just as a person develops through love and selfless offering, in the same way, a space, a company develops through the selfless offering of services and goods to people in real need. Many people believe that holistic medicine, yoga and spirituality are the privilege of the few, I would love to contribute as much as I can to change this belief. Everyone needs treatment and self-knowledge, and through Beyondhome we will have it in every possible way!