Beyond Home welcomes you

The need to create Beyond Home was born after years of research by its founder, Marika Daskalakis, based on the dynamics and effectiveness of holistic healing in the physical and psychological problems facing modern humans. In our care system at Beyond Home, theory is mirrored in practice, with the goal of providing you with a truly comprehensive service.

Holistic Therapy

We mean the study of symptoms from different angles, and therefore their examination by different methods. The word holistic is derived from the ancient Greek word “all”. Indeed, Socrates’ approach involved obtaining a detailed history that looked at all aspects of a patient’s life, including the emotional one. Man is not only a biological machine of separate organs, but a multilevel being, and for us in the house of Beyond Home , it is very essential, as it is the lever of the system we follow. Beyond Home was the next step on a holistic path to human beings, approaching physical and mental health in practice.

In order to provide appropriate assistance even in the most difficult cases, we have embraced a variety of treatments and are working with traditional doctors (pathologists, orthopedics, gynecologists, etc.), and alternative therapists. Also, because we are constantly enriching our knowledge and approaching the human being as “whole”, we often host therapists with various specializations from all over the world. At Beyond Home, you will find everything: acupuncture, reiki, shaman therapy, suction cups, herbal medicine, various energy treatments, reflexology, aromatherapy and more. And all this, because Beyond Home is a hotbed of holistic remedies that does not stagnate but seeks to evolve with you constantly. Also, for us there is no greater joy than your own therapeutic success.


Yoga is an integral part of Beyond, as everything in this home began with its teaching. Yoga means the union of the mind and body through asanas. Research shows that yoga: helps us sleep better, increases body awareness, supports weight loss, and promotes serenity. So, in addition to practicing, yoga helps us to have a better quality of life. At Beyond Home, there are many different yoga classes (e.g. Restorative, Hatha, Flow, traditional, dynamic, etc.) from which you can choose the one you want to attend during the week.
There are courses suitable for children, pregnant women, the elderly, women and men of all ages. At the same time, throughout the year, we host different teachers who teach different types of yoga. What is important to us is that every practitioner can approach yoga and gain from practicing this source of wellness.
Beyond the Truth Seeker, Beyond Home seminars are free every Thursday night. Meetings for all friends, where discussions and presentations are made on topics such as: spirituality, consciousness, healing, and anything that concerns the evolution of our perception. We know, communicate and relay our concerns and questions, creating our own small community. Marika Daskalaki is the coordinator of these meetings, where we often invite therapists, personal development consultants, academics, psychologists, and teachers.

The Beyond Home community

The Beyond Home community is the friendship, acceptance, support, cooperation and bridges we build between us. Sometimes our home is transformed into an exhibition and event space for all of us.
Also, at Beyond Home, with a holistic view of things, we created My Program. It is a therapeutic plan based on an understanding of the individuality of each person and can be tailored to each person’s needs and abilities. After the first session, we make a diagnosis and suggest a cycle of treatments that should be done at a specific time. Throughout the treatments, we are by your side and watching your progress.

My Program

My program has very good effects on specific physical pain (such as back pain and neck pain) as well as psychological issues (such as depression, anxiety management and panic attacks). It has also proven to be particularly effective in cases such as weight loss and smoking cessation.
At Beyond Home, through our other new program, Beyond Gifts, we have found a way to express our love for society. In collaboration with the relevant stakeholders in the region, we support vulnerable social groups who need therapeutic assistance but are unable to afford it. To this end, we have created a common piggy bank, to which we contribute 10% of profits from our workshops, and any friend who comes to our home can contribute in any way they wish. Every time we raise a certain amount, someone who needs it will be able to attend a healing cycle.
Our home, Beyond Home, is an open embrace that wants to include everyone and everything that occurs in our lives today…

We love people, we aim for healing.

Beyond home, means Beyond borders…

Welcome to our home!