Shamanic Treatment

This ancient healing method is in essence a journey into consciousness. The Shaman’s Wheel, like all ancient traditional healing techniques, approaches man holistically as body, feeling, intellect and energy. Approaching all these aspects not only heals, but also brings a higher awareness to our lives. Through this healing process, you will come into contact with situations of existence that have either been forgotten over the years because of the difficult situations that life brings, or that you never had the opportunity to experience.

The profound clearance and awareness that this method offers corresponds to years of work through psychotherapy or other therapeutic techniques. The awareness that is achieved and the tools given can bring incredible changes to each of us.
The rationale behind this treatment is simple “Change yourself and your surroundings will change”.
Behind everything lies our mental and emotional attachment, from physical disharmony to the wrong choices or even situations we are involved in, but we feel are not up to us. The important thing that this technique offers is not only the mental awareness of the root of a problem (this can be found through psychotherapy), but it also gives us the immediate ability to unload this memory by simply turning it into a memory, a fact, with no influence on us anymore.
Memory is formed both in the body and in our electromagnetic field, where it is crucial to make the necessary changes. Having therapeutic effects on all these aspects, then and only then comes liberation and healing. And, of course, every difficulty lies in a great gift, which brings understanding and becomes a step towards expanding and elevating our consciousness.

The Shamanic Wheel treatment can be so profound and so immediate that it is sometimes difficult to describe and even believe it. It is a very powerful healing tool and it certainly has a lot to offer us in terms of our health problems, and our relationship with ourselves and those around us. But as it is a holistic and energy healing, it also changes the reality as we experience it. “Change inside you and your outside will change too.”