Space, care, listening to speech, essential oils and applying them with massage techniques create a holistic framework that aims to relieve, balance and progress our bodies (physical, emotional, mental) well-being. Sessions vary between massaging and dialogue, according to each person’s priorities and needs. Love is the Energy that pushes everything in relation to each other. And every relationship activates the birth mechanism. Man has been given the gift of consciousness, which enables him to relate to the realm of ideas and thus be able to generate an idea through his imagination.

It is the birth of individual ideas that makes us beings capable of creating a reality that is consistent with our ideas and their material expression. Our reality is ideas in expression. New ideas bring new expression and this in turn gives birth to a new reality and a new perception. On this journey allies are the power of trees, herbs and flowers. The art of aromatherapy introduces us to the care and care of our physical body, our emotions, our thoughts.

The integration of aromatherapy into our lives leads to improved mood, immune system and ultimately prevention of disease and continuous strengthening of our bodies.