Beyond home’s partner network covers a variety of people areas. First and foremost is the beyond team, who are the constant healers and teachers in our area. Beyond guests are invited therapists and teachers hosted by beyond home and founder Marika Daskalakis for the organization of various seminars and therapeutic sessions. Then, there are the beyond medicine, partnering doctors and drug and herbal companies that help with their scientific knowledge in various therapeutic cases and suggest yoga practices to their clientele.
Finally, there are the Beyond Media, the collaborating media that host articles, interviews and videos by the founder of the site Marika Daskalakis in their magazines and TV channels. All the people who make up all four categories of outside home partners have something in common … except for the excellent knowledge in the field they represent, they intend to assist their fellow man with love and dedication.


Let’s introduce ourselves:

Beyond Team

Aggeliki Pantazi
Yoga – Acupuncture – Physiotherapy

Alexandros Tsantakis
Counseling Aromatherapy

Panos Louridas
Kundalini Yoga-Shaman Therapy

Anna Melnik
Energy Therapy-Massage

Siddhartha Shiv Khanna
SivaOm Yoga

Beyond Guests

Eugenia (Nia) Foes
Life Coaching

Beyond Medicine
Stavros Fotopoulos

Nikos Karatsouirakis
General practitioner

Dimitrios Rothos
Specialist Pathologist – Diabetologist

Orthocellular Nutrition Supplements  

Beyond Media

Vita Magazine

Holistic Life

One Channel TV

Nova TV