Aromatotherapy as medicine for our lung and breath

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In view of the special circumstances we are all experiencing for the first time as humanity, we are called en masse and at the same time to face an external threat that has shaken the foundation of our health sector, our health system and consequently any other economic, political or cultural system.

However, in every period of crisis, values ​​are reconsidered and opportunities for change for the better, more real and more functional find fertile ground to flourish.

In this article we will see from a more global angle the lung organ that is particularly affected at the moment worldwide and in what ways we can take care of it so that we can breathe more “freely”.

Respiration is the means for the energy production of cells and consequently the whole organism.

The process of respiration is (if we want to see it that way) a mechanism of Life itself implanted from the smallest organic particle to the entire universe. Everything breathes, every moment, forever and what is different is the rhythm. Everything breathes at its own pace and in its own way.

But there is a code of balance in nature from which the concept of harmony, geometry, beauty, rhythm originates. A code that proves that nothing works by chance but that everything is subject to principles and laws that we are gradually called upon to decipher.

The more we discover and co-ordinate with this code, the more we touch “freedom” because freedom is the maximum creative expression that results from the constant expansion and understanding of how the world works.

There is no static freedom that you have touched or reached. There is only room for more creative expression that inevitably leads to the concept of freedom.

Every moment through breathing we take something then we leave something.

Symbolically always. The man who has not learned to receive or accept in his life that he considers desirable then this man will find it difficult to inhale the gifts of existence.

On the other hand, the one who tries to hold on to what he has taken, fearing to leave it and leave it, traps himself in his limited safety point, as a result of which he swamps.

It is as if there is a momentum for interaction within us as well as a need for distance and these two seemingly opposite tendencies find their balance at a point of contact.

 The secret of health lies in the flow.

Anything stagnant leads to congestion and illness.

We need Wisdom (Knowledge that is consciously expressed with Love) in order to harmonize with the flow of nature which is our mother, our inspiration, our guide.

As long as this vital relationship with our environment is forgotten and neglected, and as long as we do not understand or respect the principles and laws that govern it then congestion and disease will be the price we will pay until we comply.

  Nature has been and will be the place from which we are healed, all we need is to connect with it and use it with respect.

Healing is a unique art form for every human being. When a person chooses his treatment as a way of life, then the deconstruction of those that do not work properly in his life and at the same time the construction of new good habits begins.

So the person who chooses this path will inevitably recognize and appreciate everything that is pure, essential, functional, true, beautiful.

Such qualities can be found in all the products of the vegetable kingdom such as nuts, fruits, vegetables, legumes, herbs, flowers, essential oils and so much more.

So for the opening and the purity of the breath I think of the coniferous trees with their straight trunks, which prefer the high heights, and that hide in their wood heating oils that protect them from the cold.

Typical examples are the cedar, the cypress, the pine, the fir, the thujia, the juniper …

In another family of myrtles we find the white tree (cajeput), the tea tree (tea tree), the myrtle, the niouli and the eucalyptus that all have a very helpful character in lung diseases.

Aromatherapy would be said to be the gift to our lungs since there is nothing more refined and balanced in nature than the aromas of the plant kingdom.

Essential oils when pure and used with the appropriate methods and the necessary precautions can become companions in our lives that in a very discreet way refine us while at the same time take care of us and ultimately strengthen us holistically.

Herbs also act preventively and therapeutically. But the essential treatment of herbs begins when we adopt them as a way of life because they basically work in the long run and not immediately. For “warming up” we can start with one that even in daily use would only offer us a benefit. These are sage, marjoram, rosemary, thyme, chamomile, linden and basil. Put a teaspoon of each herb dried in 350 ml of water and boil for 10 minutes and drink it in the morning and evening with a little honey. The more we know the world of herbs through their use, the more we will learn what suits us best and what helps us the most.

But also very important are the activities that include physical exercise, games, cultivation of emotional intelligence as well as meditation to strengthen the mind.

So when we take care of ourselves holistically

And not individually then we realize more clearly the relationship with us but also our relationship with the environment and our fellow human beings.

This conscious self-evolution in relation to our inside and outside is our “breath” and our “freedom”.

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