Acupuncture to stimulate the immune system – Holistic Life issue 97

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The energy state of the immune system is a determining factor for the body’s defense against external harmful factors (cold, humidity, wind), but also for painful emotions.

A strong immune system can effectively deal with any health threat at any age. On the contrary, a tired body will get sick easily and will recover more difficult from the disease.

Boosting the immune system is a lifelong concern for humans. It is associated with emotional life, working conditions, diet and exercise. Every good or bad habit is recorded by the “sensors” of the body and triggers consequences either in the positive direction of health or in the painful test of the disease.

Taking a holistic approach to health, we would say that acupuncture as a therapeutic art has a prominent place in stimulating the immune system. Especially when combined with an individual’s disposition to connect with deeper qualities, such as harmonizing with nature, choosing organic foods and exercising regularly.

The “magic” of acupuncture is that it balances the body and mobilizes the forces of self-healing. It transfers energy from the organs that are in excess to those that are in deficiency. Strengthens the defense against external threats and brings emotions into balance.

Such a process is not mechanical and detached from human consciousness, as is the case, for example, of taking a pill. Here, one takes responsibility for himself. He is not victimized or alienated from his body. He decides to undergo a treatment that awakens his senses and sets in motion the internal forces of the body, with the aim of healing.

The results then are impressive. The body recovers, strengthens and finally fortifies itself effectively against external and internal “threats”.

In addition, such an attitude towards health triggers mental processes that benefit the individual as a whole.

It has been observed, for example, after some acupuncture treatments that people make critical decisions, which they might have postponed for years  because they did not find the courage or the way to handle their problem. In fact, this is a different manifestation of their immune system stimulation which can not be measured by laboratory indicators, but indeed happens!


Marika Daskalaki

Teacher of traditional yoga

Founder of Beyond home, center of alternative therapies and yoga