Acupuncture for diseases of the heart and blood vessels

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Cardiovascular health is one of the biggest issues facing the world of health today.
This is because cardiovascular disease is the number one cause of death worldwide.
The World Health Organization reports that the number of deaths from heart disease worldwide reaches 17.9 million annually.
Despite the effort and studies that are being done, this number does not seem to be falling and the main causes are the modern bad eating habits and the excessive stress that the modern way of life brings.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), the heart has a prominent place in the organs. That of the emperor.
It is responsible for both physical and psychological health. Its basic functions are A. It controls the blood B. It controls the blood vessels C. It hosts the spirit and D. It controls sweating.
It is easy to understand why the heart is considered the emperor’s organ because of its relationship to blood and its movement through the body through blood vessels.
In TCM, blood is the most important juice of the body, which maintains life and health in the body.
The free, smooth movement of highly nutritious, oxygenated blood throughout the body is paramount while blood stasis is one of the most serious pathological conditions.

The cessation of the function of the heart also means the cessation of life.
A proper and balanced diet as well as a gentle form of exercise such as yoga and walking are the primary pillars for maintaining a healthy heart.
Acupuncture initially offers early diagnosis of heart and blood vessel problems. At the same time it achieves the smooth flow of blood and the unblocking of possible obstacles in the vessels. It also contributes to the management of the patient’s emotions, thus indirectly helping the function of the heart. Finally, acupuncture achieves the treatment of the patient from addictions such as alcohol, cigarettes and obesity, which contributes significantly to the improvement of heart health.
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