Acupuncture and Breastfeeding

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The mind of every new mommy is filled with dozens of things on a daily basis. One of the issues which concerned not only myself, but also my friends, was noother than breastfeeding, whose priceless value has been confirmed through many pages of research, leading to the fact that nowadays we are aware of the important role it has in the proper growth of our baby. Therefore, how is it possible that a new mommy doesn’t get stressed when the milk she is producing is not enough for her little one? What can she do to solve in the safest way this problem and provide her child with the nourishment that nature intends for it?

According to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, there are two reasons which can cause a new mother to have a reduced breast milk production. The first one is lack of energy due to the whole birth procedure and the great loss of blood, while the second one is related to the emotional stress the mother endures during the pregnancy, resulting to the blocking and discontinuation of her energy.
Acupuncture takes effect in both of these cases with great success and helps the mother restore her lost strength and get her energy moving again. This dual effect ultimately contributes to the direct activation of the breast milk production.
Moreover, if the acupuncture therapies are combined with herbs, suitable for promoting lactation ,then the result will be even more spectacular and us mothers will have one less reason to get stressed.